18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator

18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator is an exhilarating truck simulation game where you can experience the thrill of driving massive 18-wheeler trucks and transporting...

About 18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator

Welcome to 18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator, an exhilarating truck simulation game where you can experience the thrill of driving massive 18-wheeler trucks and transporting various cargoes across challenging landscapes. Developed by CargoHaul Studios, this game offers a realistic and immersive trucking experience that will put your driving skills to the test.


  1. Truck Driving: Take control of powerful 18-wheeler trucks and navigate through realistic roadways, highways, and off-road terrain.

  2. Cargo Transport: Transport a wide range of cargoes, including containers, machinery, fuel, and more, to various destinations across the map.

  3. Delivery Challenges: Overcome obstacles and challenges such as traffic, weather conditions, and tight deadlines to complete deliveries on time and earn rewards.

  4. Vehicle Customization: Customize your trucks with different paint jobs, accessories, and upgrades to enhance performance and aesthetics.

  5. Economic Management: Manage your finances by earning money from successful deliveries, investing in new trucks and equipment, and expanding your trucking business.


  1. Realistic Truck Physics: Experience realistic truck handling and physics simulation, including weight distribution, acceleration, braking, and cargo dynamics.

  2. Expansive Map: Explore a vast open world with diverse landscapes, including cities, countryside, mountains, and deserts, offering a variety of driving challenges and scenic vistas.

  3. Mission Variety: Take on a variety of missions and contracts, including long-haul deliveries, time-sensitive tasks, and special assignments, to test your driving skills and earn rewards.

  4. Multiplayer Mode: Compete or collaborate with other players in multiplayer mode, forming trucking convoys, participating in convoy events, and engaging in friendly competition.

  5. Dynamic Weather: Encounter dynamic weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, and storms that affect visibility, road conditions, and driving dynamics, adding realism and challenge to your trucking adventures.

How to play 18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator

Using mouse

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