Banana Clicker

Banana Clicker is an engaging idle clicker game that can be played online for free on It offers a fun and engaging experience in which...

About Banana Clicker

Banana Clicker is a captivating idle clicker game that can be played online for free on It offers a delightful and engaging experience where players aim to maximize their banana production through strategic clicking and upgrades.


  1. Clicking Bananas: The core gameplay of Banana Clicker revolves around clicking on bananas to earn them. Each click adds to your banana count, which serves as your primary currency in the game.

  2. Multiplication: As you accumulate bananas, you can multiply them to increase your production rate. This multiplication effect allows you to earn bananas at a faster pace, enabling quicker progression in the game.

  3. Upgrades: Utilize your accumulated bananas to purchase upgrades. These upgrades range from increasing the number of bananas earned per click to automating the process of banana collection. Upgrades play a crucial role in enhancing your efficiency and advancing through higher levels of gameplay.


  • Idle Gameplay: Even when you're not actively clicking, Banana Clicker continues to generate bananas in the background. This idle gameplay mechanic allows players to accumulate resources over time, making progress possible even during periods of inactivity.

  • Achievements: The game offers a variety of achievements that players can unlock by reaching specific milestones. Achievements provide additional goals and incentives, encouraging continuous engagement with the game.

  • Simple Interface: With its intuitive interface and straightforward mechanics, Banana Clicker is accessible to players of all ages and gaming backgrounds. It offers a relaxing and enjoyable experience suitable for unwinding and casual play.

  • Endless Progression: The goal of Banana Clicker is to maximize your banana production and achieve endless success. Players can compete on leaderboards or simply aim to surpass their own previous records, adding a layer of competitiveness to the game.

How to play Banana Clicker

Use the mouse.

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