Builder Idle Arcade

Builder Idle Arcade is a house-building game! The primary purpose of the game is to construct a house. Gather building materials and build all you need by...

About Builder Idle Arcade

What is Builder Idle Arcade?

Builder Idle Arcade is a free online game of the genre Idle/Incremental, developed by developer Luts91. In this game, the player will build and manage a construction site, with the goal of earning money and upgrading his factory to produce more construction items.

Game features include

Build constructions and factories to produce construction items.
Use resources to buy and upgrade production facilities.
Hire and upgrade employees to help manage and produce construction items.
Earn money by selling manufactured construction items.
Upgrade the construction site to expand the production scale.

Builder Idle Arcade gameplay tips include

Focus on upgrading your factories and production sites to increase production capacity.
Use your resources wisely to invest in new production facilities and upgrade existing facilities.
Hire employees to help with management and production, and upgrade them to increase their work performance.
Produce expensive construction items to earn more money.
Automate production to increase production capacity and reduce lead times.

How to play Builder Idle Arcade

Using Mouse

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