BitLife is a life simulation game in which users take control of a stranger's life from beginning to end. It was released by Candy writer, a free app that

About BitLife

Do you find your life to be tedious and boring? Do you wish to live a new life that is suited to your desires? The Bitlife game will help you do that!

It's still a fun game, but now everything is locked behind a paywall. Even options that used to be free. Plus there are so many ads, I can't even click on something without an ad playing. I get it that ads is how you make money without having to have players and stuff, but everything is locked behind a price tag to the point where you're already making so much money.

What you should know about BitLife

If you want to know how each choice affects a person's life, try this game now! So, what exactly is the Bitlife game? How does it play? Please follow the article below to know more information about this fascinating game.

The game's introduction
BitLife is a life simulation game in which users take control of a stranger's life from beginning to end. It was released by Candy writer, a free app that, although not very famous on Google Play, has made a big impact on the gaming community. BitLife allows users to experience what would happen if they majored in acting or what they would do in their old age using a list of instructions, random events, and humor.

This game has simple gameplay, basically the same as other simulation games. However, in this game, you will choose actions for each character's time instead of choosing dialogue. For example, at the age of 18, you will choose a character to study a major in college or maybe even go to the army.

Characters in the game will have 4 basic stats including health, happiness, appearance, and intelligence. In my opinion, health is the most important factor because only when you have health can you do more things. You can improve your appearance with makeup, beautify yourself with clothes or accessories, or even get plastic surgery. Regarding IQ, you can increase it by going to school. Sometimes a wrong choice of yours can also terrify the police, but unfortunately in the process of catching criminals, you are attacked by them, and your life is over.
Choose an action for the character

How to play BitLife game

The rules of the game are very simple, you just need to choose the actions that are appropriate for the age of the character. You can play it on a PC or mobile phone, very convenient!
At the beginning of time

You start BitLife in a random country with a pair of parents assigned to raise you. As an infant, you were barely exposed to the world, with your only option being to see a doctor. The world begins to open up as you get older. You can begin spending time with your parents or asking for money when you are four years old. You start elementary school at the age of six.

In important age

As everyone knows, the most important age for any human being is the age of eighteen. At this age, you have to make decisions that directly affect your later life. Aside from schooling, you can join the army or work part-time to earn money while gaining experience. Everything that occurs in the future is determined by your decisions.

Financial management

When we grow up, we'll need to learn how to manage our finances. You can spend your money on vehicles and real estate, start a business, or "throw" it all away at the casino. Touch Assets on the Main Menu bar to manage your assets. To own your property, however, you must be of legal age.

Finding your soulmate

One of BitLife's most fascinating features is the ability to find your love. Before you begin the game, you can choose your sexual orientation to help you discover that special someone. Even if you are married, there will be certain people who want to bring you down. To have a happy family, you must make decisions. You may destroy everything by yourself with just one mistake.

Spending quality time with your significant other can lead to a long-term relationship, complete with several children, trips, and memories. Spending time with your hypothetical spouse as you both approach your golden years is both heartwarming and a little worrisome.

Notes for players.

You'll have to handle numerous parts of your life during the game. You will feel depressed if your happiness falls below a certain level. Your health can deteriorate to severe levels if you make poor eating and drug choices. It's just like real life, but with a lot less risk: making good choices allows you to thrive while abusing strangers can land you in prison.

The features and interface of BitLife Make It Simple to Experience a New Life game.

The interface of the Bitlife game is designed like a diary of the main character. After each of your selections, the annual memorable events will be listed on the screen. It will provide players with a lighthearted and entertaining experience.

Features of Bitlife game

Bitizenship Unlocked Feature: Bitizenship is an in-game reward that you must pay real money to unlock. You will receive the following benefits if you hold Bitizenship:

No ads

Unlock VIP Features

Enter the pet store, special pets…

BitLife - Opportunity to experience the dream life

There are things that you can hardly accomplish in real life, jobs that you dream of but cannot afford, Bitlife will help you have the opportunity to experience the life of your dreams easily. More than that, it gives you a new perspective on life. Life can lead you in many different ways, but a positive attitude will help you have a good life and open up many opportunities in the future.

What do people think about the game?

Love this video game, they always include brand-new stuff to it over time, so it never obtains uninteresting if you're into life simulation video games. Both the paid and overdue variation of the video game is pleasurable. I'm a citizen and it personally believes it's not a negative cost thinking about the added functions if you're a person like me who enjoys the challenges, but such as to make points simpler when feasible, a couple of bucks as a single point isn't bad, especially considering just how much is invested in various other Xbox video games. - Nick Canon

A very fun game to play! Gets a bit repetitive after a while, but they continue to add more to the game to keep things interesting. The challenges they announce are sometimes fun to do, but other times either kinda stupid or would be extremely difficult to do in the game without paying for God Mode. I wish they would make a fantasy/adventure type of this game - Johna Lohan

There is a variety of things to do, the purchasable items aren't too expensive, and the ads aren't too bad but for the people not looking to spend, it can be annoying. I know the bitlife team is working on other apps like dog life and Cat life, but there are features I wish were added. Also, the feature that makes your character die from a heart attack even though they're healthy isn't realistic, it's frustrating especially if you're doing a challenge or if your character isn't even old. - Smith Matt

In a nutshell

It's super fun and I've spent hours playing it it's so addicting, this is an enjoyable game if you happen to like the premise. Easily the best life sim out there, but I have some major gripes, if you have fall in love with the SIMS, you have to play this game and enjoy the gameplay.

How to play BitLife

Using Mouse


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