Innkeeper is the ultimate hotel management game set on the enchanting island paradise of Siquijor! In this thrilling adventure, you'll embark on a journey to...

About Innkeeper

Welcome to Innkeeper, the ultimate hotel management game set on the enchanting island paradise of Siquijor! In this thrilling adventure, you'll embark on a journey to build and run a luxury hotel, enticing tourists to explore the beauty and wonders of this tropical destination. But beware, as local legends speak of terrifying monsters lurking in the shadows after dark. Will you have what it takes to build the first 5-star hotel on Siquijor while keeping your guests safe from the rumored dangers?

Playing Tips:

  1. Strategic Location: Choose the perfect location on Siquijor to build your hotel. Consider factors such as accessibility to tourist attractions, scenic views, and safety from potential hazards. Balance the allure of a secluded paradise with the need for convenience and security.
  2. Hotel Construction: Design and construct your hotel with luxury and comfort in mind. Build spacious rooms, elegant amenities, and breathtaking facilities to attract discerning guests. Customize the layout and décor to create a unique and inviting atmosphere that sets your hotel apart from the rest.
  3. Staff Management: Hire and manage a dedicated team of staff to provide exceptional service to your guests. Train your employees to deliver top-notch hospitality, manage their schedules efficiently, and ensure smooth operations throughout your hotel.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Keep your guests happy and satisfied by fulfilling their needs and exceeding their expectations. Provide personalized services, respond promptly to requests, and address any issues or concerns to maintain high levels of guest satisfaction and loyalty.
  5. Monster Defense: Prepare for the rumored threats of monsters by implementing security measures and safety protocols. Install lighting, surveillance cameras, and security patrols to safeguard your guests and staff from potential dangers lurking in the darkness.

Salient Features:

  1. Exotic Setting: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Siquijor, a tropical paradise filled with lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and mystical allure. Explore the island's hidden gems and discover the wonders that await both you and your guests.
  2. Hotel Customization: Design and customize every aspect of your hotel, from the architecture and interior design to the amenities and services offered. Create a luxurious retreat that reflects your vision and caters to the desires of affluent travelers seeking an unforgettable experience.
  3. Dynamic Challenges: Face a variety of challenges and obstacles as you strive to build and manage the first 5-star hotel on Siquijor. Navigate through financial constraints, environmental hazards, and local legends to achieve success and earn prestige in the hospitality industry.
  4. Guest Interactions: Engage with a diverse cast of guests, each with their preferences, personalities, and needs. Build relationships, gather feedback, and tailor your services to ensure a memorable and satisfying experience for every visitor to your hotel.
  5. Progression and Achievements: Track your progress and accomplishments as you work towards your goal of creating a world-class hotel. Earn rewards, unlock achievements, and climb the ranks of the hospitality industry to become a renowned innkeeper on the island of Siquijor.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure as you build, manage, and thrive in the world of hospitality on the captivating island of Siquijor. Will you rise to the challenge and become the first 5-star hotelier to conquer this tropical paradise? The fate of your hotel and the safety of your guests rest in your hands!

How to play Innkeeper

Use mouse

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