Penalty Shooters

In the entertaining soccer game Penalty Shooters 2, you can play as your preferred team and attempt to win each game in order to advance through the levels...

About Penalty Shooters

In the soccer game Penalty Shooters 2, you shoot penalties in the fantasy league of your choice. In stressful penalty shootouts, switch between the shooter and the goaltender. Win the game to stay in the league and increase your chances of winning the championship.

You can take on the role of your favorite team or even the national football squad in the video game Penalty Shooters 2. Be mentally ready to hit the target, then. Nobody would try to claim that playing football is simple. especially when you're experiencing adversity to reach this perilous and perplexing penalty shootout. The finish of a long journey is near.  And here is the moment to demonstrate both your excellent level and your strength of character. There will be just one last game, and the winner will be the most worthy.

Punt kicks are never without risk. Yet unlike other types of competition, nature has brought the most alluring qualities. The side with the most goals after the first five innings will win the penalty shootout. The shootout will end instantly, regardless of how many kicks are left, if one team scores more penalties than the other team can with all of its remaining kicks.

To win every game is the objective of this game. You will win the year's championship if you do that. The first step should be to decide which team you want to join. The game features the World Cup and up to 11 competitions on the top football platforms in the globe, each featuring 32 teams. Too many options for you to pick from. You must now be with your team, which has played three games during the group stage. Even when the pressure isn't particularly high, keep it up at all times. You and your team have advanced to the actual finals after a string of three games on the group stage. Up until this moment, every game has been the team's championship game. 

The media is eagerly awaiting tomorrow's front-page appearance of you and your group. Millions of fervent fans flocked to the field, packing the stands as they eagerly anticipated the performances of the top players in the world. Before moving on to the final match, you have at least five shots in each match to defeat your opponents. This game has the unique feature that you can play as both a goalkeeper and a goalkeeper inside a wooden frame.

To score a goal while playing the part of a free-kicker, select the right moment, hold down the mouse button, and wait for the target red dot to move to the shooting position. Rapid mouse release is required. Following that, the ball will be kicked, and a beacon in the lower right corner of the screen will show the outcome. Keep in mind that the goalkeeper for the opposition will recall where you last fired. As a result, you need continuously adjust your shooting position throughout the shot.

Being the goalkeeper requires extreme concentration. Keep an eye out for the red dot to appear as your teammate prepares to kick the ball. To manage the goalkeeper running to grab the ball in that area, you must swiftly click on the approximate location that is nearest to it. In addition to precision, the timing of mouse clicks that allow the goalkeeper to jump out and capture the ball plays a significant role.

All in all, one of the most well-known online soccer games ever is brought to us by Penalty Shooters 2. The game absolutely dominates every player with its striking graphics. 

Tips for Penalty Shooters 2

To aim for challenging areas like the top corners of the net, hold down the mouse button to increase the shot's height. The goalkeeper will recall your past shots, so make careful to change your aim!

Timing is everything in goaltender play. To make sure you move at the proper moment, keep an eye on the shooter.


Choose from 12 fantasy leagues.
select from 360 different teams
Penalty shootouts that are simple but intense
Keep going till you succeed!



How to play Penalty Shooters

Use your mouse to lock the target in and kick!

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