Setris, also known as "Sand Tetris," is a puzzle game that was initially released on May 17. The game revolves around stacking blocks of different shapes...

About Setris

Setris is an engaging game that gives a fresh take on the classic gameplay of Tetris. While Tetris focuses on erasing lines, Setris challenges players to create different shapes to create specific patterns. With a variety of shapes, minimalist visual style, and convenient features, Setris offers a fun and engaging experience for puzzle game lovers.

The main features of Setris:

Shape Variety: Setris offers different shapes, giving players a variety of possibilities and challenges. Each shape has a unique configuration, requiring strategic thinking and important decisions to achieve the desired patterns. This ensures every play is fresh and engaging.

Minimalist visual style: Setris uses a simple and effective visual style, using only four colors. Minimalist graphics allow players to fully focus on the game without distractions, creating a fresh and engaging environment.

How to play Setris:

Setris' goal is to stack different shapes to create specific patterns, instead of deleting lines like in Tetris. Choose a shape from the available options and place it on the game board to create the desired pattern. Strategy and strategic thinking are needed to achieve the goal for each level, using a variety of shapes to your advantage.

Convenient features (Quality of Life - QoL):

Undo System: Setris includes an Undo feature that allows players to correct mistakes and experiment with alternative strategies without fear of irreversible consequences. This encourages experimentation and learning from previous moves.

Hard Drop: The quick drop feature allows players to quickly place shapes in the desired position, increasing efficiency and reducing time-consuming manual adjustments.

Auto-save: Setris automatically saves players' progress, ensuring that their game state is saved even if they need to pause or exit the game. This provides a smooth and stress-free gaming experience.


Setris brings a fresh take on the classic puzzle game genre, challenging players to think creatively and strategically. With a variety of shapes, minimalist visual style, and convenient features, Setris provides an immersive and engaging gaming experience. If you like puzzle games with a unique approach, Setris is sure to grab your attention and keep you entertained for hours.

How to play Setris

Use mouse

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