Sort Your Life Out

Sort Your Life Out game is an intimate and emotional narrative-driven game that follows the lives of two best friends as they share their deepest thoughts...

About Sort Your Life Out

Sort Your Life Out is an intimate and emotional narrative-driven game that follows the lives of two best friends as they share their deepest thoughts and make life-changing decisions while lying in bed together. The game offers players an immersive experience where their choices directly impact the future of the characters, shaping the course of their lives and their friendship.

Gameplay Mechanics:

The core gameplay revolves around conversation choices. Players take turns playing as each friend, sharing thoughts and discussing everything from everyday experiences to profound existential questions. The conversations can be light-hearted and fun, or they can delve into serious and emotional topics.

As the players converse, they have the power to influence the characters' emotions, perspectives, and choices. The game tracks the relationship between the two friends, evolving based on the decisions made during their discussions.

Themes Explored:

Friendship: The game highlights the dynamics of a deep and meaningful friendship, with ups and downs, conflicts, and resolutions. The players can either strengthen or weaken the bond between the characters based on their choices.

Major Life Decisions: Each character faces significant life choices, such as career paths, relationships, family matters, and personal growth. Players must consider the long-term consequences of their decisions on the characters' lives.

Self-Discovery: The game encourages introspection as characters explore their dreams, fears, and identities. Players can help their friends grow and find purpose or push them towards uncertainty.

Empathy and Support: Players have the opportunity to provide emotional support and understanding to their best friends, dealing with their struggles and dilemmas with kindness and compassion.

Possible Scenarios:

Career Crossroads: One friend is offered a high-paying corporate job but is torn between financial stability and pursuing their passion for art. The player's response could influence which path they choose.

Romantic Relationships: The other friend faces a challenging decision about staying in a long-term relationship or embracing a newfound love. The player's advice can sway their final choice.

Family Matters: A family issue resurfaces, and the character is conflicted about confronting it or avoiding it altogether. The players can offer guidance on how to handle the situation.

Dreams and Aspirations: The characters share their deepest dreams and desires, and the players can either encourage them to pursue these aspirations or question their feasibility.

Outcome and Impact:
The game has multiple possible outcomes, with various endings reflecting the culmination of the character's choices and their friendship. Players will see how their decisions shape the characters' lives, either bringing them closer together or causing them to drift apart.

Sort Your Life Out offers a unique and emotionally engaging experience where players explore the complexities of life and friendship, learning that even simple conversations can lead to major life changes. It reminds players of the profound impact their words and actions can have on others, both in-game and in real life.


How to play Sort Your Life Out

Use mouse

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