Used Car Dealer Tycoon

Used Car Dealer Tycoon is an enthralling simulation game that lets you live the dream of running a successful used car business. From selecting and...

About Used Car Dealer Tycoon

Welcome to Used Car Dealer Tycoon, an immersive simulation game that invites you to step into the shoes of an ambitious entrepreneur looking to build a thriving used car business from scratch. Experience the challenges and rewards of managing your own dealership as you buy, sell, and trade used cars to become a successful tycoon in the automotive industry.


In Used Car Dealer Tycoon, you'll face the exciting task of establishing and growing your used car business. Starting with limited resources, you must make shrewd decisions and strategic moves to achieve success. Buy low, refurbish cars, and sell them at a profit to attract more customers and expand your operations.


  1. Business Management: Assume the role of a savvy business manager and handle all aspects of your used car dealership. Set prices, negotiate deals, manage finances, and strategize your way to success.

  2. Car Collection: Build a diverse inventory of used cars, ranging from budget-friendly options to high-end luxury vehicles. Choose wisely to cater to a broad customer base and maximize profits.

  3. Car Refurbishment: Invest in the refurbishment of used cars to enhance their value and appeal. Upgrade engines, interiors, and exteriors to attract premium buyers and secure better deals.

  4. Marketing and Advertising: Promote your dealership through effective marketing and advertising campaigns. Attract more customers by increasing your brand visibility and reputation.

  5. Expand Your Dealership: As your business grows, expand your dealership by acquiring larger properties, hiring staff, and diversifying your services, such as offering maintenance and repair facilities.

  6. Realistic Economy: Experience a dynamic and realistic economy, where market demand and fluctuations in car prices impact your business decisions.

  7. Compete with Rivals: Keep an eye on competitors in the used car market. Stay ahead of the game by offering better deals, excellent customer service, and a superior car selection.

How to Play:

  1. Start Your Dealership: Begin by setting up your used car dealership with limited funds and a small inventory.

  2. Purchase Used Cars: Browse auctions and private sellers to buy used cars at competitive prices. Consider factors such as car condition, market demand, and potential refurbishment costs.

  3. Refurbish and Sell: Invest in refurbishing used cars to increase their value and appeal. Set reasonable prices to attract buyers and sell cars for a profit.

  4. Manage Finances: Keep a close eye on your finances, including expenses, revenue, and profit margins. Allocate resources wisely to ensure steady growth and sustainability.

  5. Expand and Upgrade: As your dealership thrives, expand your operations, hire staff, and upgrade facilities to cater to a larger customer base.


Used Car Dealer Tycoon is an enthralling simulation game that lets you live the dream of running a successful used car business. From selecting and refurbishing cars to managing finances and competing with rivals, the game offers a realistic and immersive experience of the automotive industry. Are you ready to embark on this captivating journey and become a tycoon in the world of used cars? Get behind the wheel and start your path to success in Used Car Dealer Tycoon!

How to play Used Car Dealer Tycoon

Using Mouse

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