Where's My Pizza?

Where's My Pizza? is a delightful 3D skill game where players take on the role of an ordinary pizza delivery person in the charming town of Paolo's. As a...

About Where's My Pizza?

Where's My Pizza? is a fun 3D skill game where you will play as an ordinary pizza delivery person in the adorable town of Paolo's. Your mission is to prepare and deliver delicious pizzas to hungry customers across town, while overcoming challenges and obstacles along the way. Ride your motorbike through busy roads, dodge obstacles and deliver on time to get rewards and upgrades for your game. Join this fun and exciting pizza delivery adventure today!

How to play

Receive orders: Starting at Paolo's pizza shop, you will receive orders from customers. Carefully read each order's requirements, including pizza type, toppings and special requests.

Moving through town: After preparing the pizza, you will move through the streets of Paolo's town. Use your motorbike to move and avoid obstacles and vehicles on the road.

Deliver to customers: Use the map to find customers' addresses and deliver pizza to them. Make sure you choose the shortest route for timely delivery.

Overcome challenges: Along the way, you will encounter challenges such as obstacles on the road and pedestrians. Stay focused and overcome them for successful delivery.

Get rewards and upgrades: With each successful delivery, you will receive rewards and have the opportunity to upgrade your motorbike and pizza shop.

Complete missions and earn achievements: Participate in special missions and complete achievements in Paolo's town. From delivering on time to satisfying demanding customers, there are always new challenges to overcome.

Enjoy the adventure: Immerse yourself in the immersive 3D world of Paolo's as you embark on this fun-filled pizza delivery adventure.

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