Block Champ

Block Champ is a popular online puzzle game that can be played for free on various websites and platforms. The game is similar to the classic game of Tetris...

About Block Champ

A 10x10 Tetris-style game with several interesting twists and turns is called Block Champ. Create blocks in horizontal and vertical rows to remove them from the game and raise your score.

Players must arrange falling blocks to make complete rows in order to remove them from the screen in a game that is similar to the original Tetris.

In the game Block Champ, players are given a grid and a collection of variously shaped blocks that they must arrange to form whole rows. A row will vanish from the screen after it is finished, and the player will score points. When there is no more room to fit additional pieces and the blocks have reached the top of the grid, the game is over.

The ability to rotate the blocks so that they fit together makes Block Champ one of its distinctive qualities. This feature makes the puzzle game both difficult and interesting. Also, the game offers many degrees of difficulty, allowing players to select the one that best suits their level of expertise.

Playing Block Champ for hours on end is a great and addictive puzzle game. It is a popular option among fans of puzzle games since it takes strategy, fast thinking, and good spatial awareness to succeed. What is Block Champ?

Fundamental Laws

While the Tetris-like game Block Champ is comparable, it also has entirely different points. At first, you have the option of playing with multicolored or single-colored blocks.

You can manually position blocks wherever on the board rather than attempting to fit them as they fall to form horizontal rows. Similar to the x10 game, you can erase rows both horizontally and vertically.

You must take the available space into account because some of the blocks are bigger than they were in Tetris. Unless you make room for a certain block, it will be grayed out if there isn't any available space.

Unusual turn

Lightning strikes and ice blocks are additional twists in Block Champ. When two blocks line up, lightning strikes, clearing a row without needing to fill in all the gaps. After a row is deleted, ice blocks regenerate a square in the same location.


The game ends when you can no longer fit the remaining pieces on the screen, and you will receive the final score to move on to the next level.

How to play Block Champ

Drag the left mouse button to move the cubes.


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