Solar Smash

Solar Smash invites you to indulge your destructive fantasies in a cosmic playground where the laws of physics bow to your command. Explore the...

About Solar Smash

Step into the cosmic realm of chaos with Solar Smash, the ultimate planet destroyer simulator that lets you unleash unimaginable destruction on a galactic scale. Experience the thrill of obliterating celestial bodies, experimenting with catastrophic events, and creating cosmic calamities beyond your wildest imagination.

Gameplay Modes:

  1. Planet Smash:

    • Focus your destructive prowess on a single planet.
    • Unleash a variety of cataclysmic events, from asteroid bombardments to creating tsunamis and tearing through the planet's core.
    • Discover the most creative and effective ways to obliterate a planet as you unleash your inner cosmic force.
  2. System Smash:

    • Confront the challenge of annihilating multiple planets within a solar system.
    • Plan and strategize the most efficient methods to wipe out entire systems, from triggering gravity-shattering events to unleashing the devastating power of a black hole.
    • Explore the cosmic sandbox, experimenting with different combinations of destruction for an out-of-this-world experience.

Destructive Actions:

On the right side of the screen, discover an arsenal of destructive actions at your fingertips. Experiment with throwing asteroids, poking holes in planetary cores, triggering tsunamis, and even setting off black holes that consume everything in their path. Uncover the true extent of your power as you navigate the menu of cosmic chaos.

Visuals and Effects:

  1. Stunning Cosmic Graphics: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning cosmic environment, featuring detailed planets, realistic physics, and awe-inspiring celestial events.
  2. Explosive Sound Effects: Feel the power of destruction with explosive sound effects that enhance the intensity of each catastrophic event. From asteroid impacts to the gravitational pull of a black hole, the audio experience is as thrilling as the visual spectacle.

In conclusion, Solar Smash invites you to indulge your destructive fantasies in a cosmic playground where the laws of physics bow to your command. Explore the two thrilling gameplay modes, experiment with a plethora of destructive actions, and revel in the chaos of a planet destroyer simulator. Whether you focus on a single planet or take on the challenge of obliterating entire solar systems, the cosmic sandbox is yours to reshape. Are you prepared to unleash unparalleled cosmic chaos and revel in the thrill of celestial obliteration? Dive into Solar Smash now and experience the ultimate planet destroyer simulator!

How to play Solar Smash

Use mouse

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