Connections is a word puzzle game in which you must identify four groups of four words that all have the same topic. The game gives you a 4x4 grid...

About Connections

Connections is a word puzzle game in which you must identify four groups of four words that all have the same topic. The game gives you a 4x4 grid of words to choose four words from each group that have anything in common. If the common subject is "Colours," for example, you must pick four words relating to colors and submit them as a group.

The game has four difficulty levels, which are marked by various colors: yellow, green, blue, and purple. The yellow level is the simplest, with simple connections that are reasonably simple to discover. As the difficulty level increases, the links get increasingly complex, with potentially unknown vocabulary or esoteric information.

The game is updated daily with new word grids and hints to help you solve the connections. If you ever need to refer to previous answers or solutions, there may be an archive available for you to access.

Here are some features of Connections:

  • Daily Updates: The game provides a fresh 4x4 word grid and new hints every day, ensuring a new challenge each time you play.
  • Difficulty Levels: There are four difficulty levels represented by different colors: yellow, green, blue, and purple. Each level offers a different level of complexity and familiarity with the words used.
  • Common Themes: Each group of four words shares a common theme, which can vary from day to day. Themes can include a wide range of categories such as colors, animals, sports, and more.

To play, carefully examine the 4x4 word grid provided for the day's puzzle. Your goal is to identify four groups of words that relate to the common theme. Click or tap on the words to select them and create a group. Once you have selected four words for a group, submit your prediction.

If your prediction is correct, the words will change color, indicating that you have successfully identified a valid group. However, if your selection is incorrect, the words will remain the same, and you can continue searching for the correct connections.

Throughout the game, you are allowed up to four mistakes. Be strategic in your choices to avoid exceeding this limit.

To increase your chances of success, consider the following tips:

  • Analyze Word Relationships: Pay attention to the connections and relationships between the words in the grid. Look for similarities, associations, or shared attributes.
  • Think Creatively: Sometimes the connections may not be obvious. Think outside the box and consider different perspectives or interpretations.
  • Utilize Hints: Take advantage of the hints provided with each puzzle. They can guide you in understanding the general topic or provide additional clues for solving the connections.
  • Use the Elimination Process: If you are unsure about a particular group, focus on the words you are most confident about first. As you form groups, it can help you narrow down the possibilities for the remaining words.

Connections is an engaging word puzzle game that challenges your ability to find connections and think critically. With its daily updates and varying difficulty levels, it offers an exciting and enjoyable experience for word enthusiasts and puzzle solvers alike. Get ready to dive into the world of connections and showcase your word-solving skills!


How to play Connections

Use mouse

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