Cookie Clicker City

Cookie Clicker City is an idle clicker game where players build a city by clicking on cookies to earn currency. The game starts with a single cookie and the...

About Cookie Clicker City

In the game Cookie Clicker City, you must construct a modern city. Click to make a lot of cakes, which unlocks new structures, people, and items.

Rich mansions, people, and animals are all waiting for you to fill the game's empty land. The only way to make a busy city is to bake a large number of cakes. The largest pie on the screen is the foundation for transforming your primitive land into modern times.

Your simple goal is to click on the largest cake on the screen in order to make an infinite number of different cakes. The number of cakes is displayed in real-time on the system's arrival setting and directly on the land where the largest cake is placed. You can buy more architectural items if you have more cakes.

There are five different development eras in the game.

You can build up to 18 structures to help you expand your city and increase production efficiency. There are over 600 upgrades to obtain and 700 milestones to achieve in this game. There is also a slew of intriguing ideas waiting to be explored.

How to Participate

Click on the largest cake to make a large number of cakes.
To buy the structures you want, click the house icon.
To upgrade, click the arrow icon.
To celebrate your city's accomplishments, click on the cup symbol.
To tailor the game to your preferences, click the wheel symbol.
When playing, it's a good idea to try to save cookies and increase the number of cookies you get after each click to get more.


How to play Cookie Clicker City

To drive, use the WASD keys or the arrow keys.

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