It's time to unwind; you're now a duck. Swim around and save as many ducklings as possible. Avoid the reckless boats; they will cause you harm. IMPROVEMENT...

About Ducklings

You go in the skin of a duckling to find the ducklings scattered across the pond and return them to the safe nest. You are not, however, the only duck looking for them; others will try to steal them from you in order to receive all of the honor and gratitude that comes with their gesture.

As a result, you must be cautious to protect them while also avoiding hazards such as motorboats that can crush you. Every time you save the required number of ducklings, your nest will improve and you will advance to the next level. When you reach level 400, the game will be over!

Ducklings is a Bitlife Strategy Game game. Ducklings allow you to play online with people from all over the world. In Ducklings, your goal is to get the highest score or to be the last player standing. There is no need to install anything or create an account; everything is free and quick.

Furthermore, on Bitlife, we have recently updated many new games in the Strategy Games genre that are similar to Ducklings. All of them are free and safe to try on Bitlife. If you enjoy Ducklings, don't forget to tell your friends!

How to play Ducklings

Use the mouse and function keys or see the in-game tutorial

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