God Simulator Religion Inc.

God Simulator: Religion Inc. offers a rich and immersive simulation experience, allowing players to explore the complexities of faith, power, and...

About God Simulator Religion Inc.

God Simulator: Religion Inc. is a groundbreaking simulation game that allows players to step into the divine role of a deity and build their own religion from the ground up. Developed by Divine Dynamics, this game offers a unique blend of strategy, management, and godly powers as players guide their followers through the ages, shaping the course of history and competing with rival religions for dominance.


  1. Creation: Players start by creating their own deity, choosing their appearance, divine powers, and the core tenets of their religion.

  2. Expansion: Expand your influence by attracting followers, building temples, and spreading your teachings to new regions and civilizations.

  3. Management: Manage resources, faith points, and the happiness of your followers to ensure the growth and stability of your religion.

  4. Research: Invest in research and development to unlock new technologies, miracles, and divine powers to enhance your influence and prestige.

  5. Competition: Compete with rival religions for followers, territory, and cultural dominance, engaging in diplomatic relations, trade, or even outright conflict.

How to Play:

  1. Divine Creation: Create your own deity by customizing their appearance, attributes, and divine powers, reflecting the values and beliefs of your religion.

  2. Founding: Establish the foundations of your religion by defining its core principles, rituals, and teachings, shaping the faith of your followers.

  3. Recruitment: Attract followers by performing miracles, spreading your message through missionaries, and building impressive temples to inspire awe and devotion.

  4. Expansion: Expand your influence by converting new regions and civilizations to your religion, gaining followers and resources to fuel further growth.

  5. Management: Manage your resources, including faith points, offerings, and followers' happiness, to maintain stability and prosperity within your religion.

  6. Influence: Use your divine powers strategically to influence world events, perform miracles, or intervene in the affairs of mortals to further your agenda.

  7. Competition: Compete with rival religions for dominance, engaging in theological debates, cultural exchanges, or even holy wars to assert your superiority.

How to play God Simulator Religion Inc.

Using mouse

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