Run 3

Run 3 is a never-ending running game in which you must guide your little alien through space. Run 3 is the third installment in the Run game series...

About Run 3


There's an entirely new galaxy waiting for you to discover! To run and jump through space tunnels, use the arrow keys. As you move, use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the world.

You can play Run 3 in two modes: Exploration Mode and Infinite Mode. Select Explore Mode to add more levels to your Galaxy Map. Runners will encounter many new tunnels and areas, as well as possibly run into some friends along the way!

Select Infinite Mode to run indefinitely. In this mode, power cells can be found scattered throughout the tunnels. You must, however, exercise caution! The game is over if you fall out of the tunnel in Endless Mode. You can continue your run with a new character by using energy tiles.

See where it all began in the first game in the Run Series, which has now been remastered in 3D!


New aliens, new ploys. As you progress through the levels, you will be able to unlock 9 different characters. If you save enough battery power, you can instantly unlock new characters! Each alien has a unique set of abilities that will aid you in navigating the galaxy. If you find yourself stuck in a complicated tunnel, try changing your character. The skater, for example, will perform better on the snow levels!

Keep your jump under control. The higher and longer you jump, the longer you hold the up arrow key. Tap the up arrow to make a small jump on platforms with a small gap in the middle. This method can assist you in avoiding overshooting.

Look. Concentrate on the platforms in front of your character. Make a note of all the different sides of the tunnel to help you plan your next jumps. This will assist you in determining the direction of the tunnel's turn, allowing your character plenty of room to run.

There is no limit to your practice. Infinite mode is great for collecting energy cells in order to unlock characters, but it can also be used for practice! If you get stuck on a level on the galactic map, try running through endless tunnels a few times. The tunnels will not be the same every time, so you'll get a good feel for the various obstacles.


Run 3 and the original Run games are both playable without the use of flash. Once Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported, our priority will be to upload these games. Along with about 100 other games, we converted it from Flash to HTML.


Run 3 was released around a decade ago, between 2013 and 2014 depending on who you ask. While it wasn't uploaded to Coolmath Games until 2017, it was an instant hit once it was. Even years after it was first posted on our site, fans are still drawn to this game for its fast-paced gameplay and creative characters.


Yes, the first Run 3 character you encounter, Runner, is a female. As you progress through the game, you will encounter various characters such as Skater, Lizard, and Bunny. Use all of their special abilities to succeed in this popular platformer game.

How to play Run 3

  • Arrows to move
  • Arrow up or up to jump
  • R to reset
  • P to pause the game

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