Soccer Simulator

Soccer Simulator presents an innovative and immersive experience, allowing players to live out their dreams of becoming the world's greatest soccer player.

About Soccer Simulator

Are you ready to live the dream of becoming the greatest soccer player the world has ever seen? Welcome to "Soccer Simulator" – an exciting idle game that offers a unique opportunity to manage the entire career of your player. From starting as an amateur player in the streets to climbing the ranks and becoming a football star, the path to fame and glory awaits you!


In "Soccer Simulator," players begin their soccer journey as amateur players in the streets. Your objective is to work hard, improve your skills, and progress through the ranks to reach the pinnacle of soccer success.

Manage Your Player's Career

The game offers a comprehensive player management system, allowing you to make decisions about your player's career path. Hire the best coaches to accelerate your progress and develop your skills more quickly. As you complete quests, your player's stats will increase, enhancing your performance on the field.

Sponsors and Financial Success

As your talent and fame grow, opportunities to earn money through sponsorships will come your way. Finding sponsors will not only increase your wealth but also offer various in-game benefits and rewards. Use your earnings strategically to further boost your player's career and unlock new opportunities.

Equipment and Luxuries

With wealth and fame on your side, you can splurge on various luxuries to enhance your soccer journey. Invest in high-quality training equipment to sharpen your skills, and own sports cars to add a touch of style to your life off the field. But the ultimate dream comes true when you have enough resources to build your very own football stadium.

Idle Gameplay

"Soccer Simulator" incorporates an idle gameplay mechanic, meaning you can continue making progress even when you're not actively playing. Your player will continue training and advancing while you're away, ensuring a sense of continuous progress and achievement.

Challenge and Triumph

Throughout your journey in "Soccer Simulator," you'll face various challenges that will test your skills and determination. Rise to the occasion, overcome obstacles, and prove your worth on the field to reach the pinnacle of soccer greatness.


"Soccer Simulator" presents an innovative and immersive experience, allowing players to live out their dreams of becoming the world's greatest soccer player. From humble beginnings in the streets to owning a football stadium, the game offers a captivating blend of sports management, idle gameplay, and soccer simulation.

Are you ready to embark on the thrilling journey of a soccer star? Dive into "Soccer Simulator" now and manage your player's career, earn fame and fortune, and become the ultimate legend of the soccer world! Work hard, play smart, and claim your spot as the greatest soccer player in the history of the sport!

How to play Soccer Simulator

Using Mouse

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