Vegas Crime Simulator

Vegas Crime Simulator offers players the ultimate playground for indulging their criminal fantasies in the vibrant setting of Las Vegas. Whether you...

About Vegas Crime Simulator

Step into the neon-lit streets of Las Vegas, where crime reigns supreme and lawlessness knows no bounds. In this adrenaline-pumping game, you'll embark on a thrilling rampage through the city, engaging in a combination of driving, shooting, and empire-building activities. Whether you aspire to become the most feared gangster in town or prefer to engage in mild mischief, the choice is yours in this action-packed crime simulator.

Gameplay Features:

  • Open-World Exploration: Explore the sprawling streets of Las Vegas, filled with bustling pedestrians, rival gangsters, and law enforcement officers. The city is your playground, ripe for chaos and mayhem.

  • Crime Spree: Engage in a variety of criminal activities, from petty theft and robbery to high-stakes heists and brutal gang warfare. The choice is yours as you carve out your path to infamy.

  • Driving Madness: Take the wheel of a diverse array of vehicles, including sleek sports cars, powerful motorcycles, and menacing armored trucks. Navigate through traffic, evade police pursuit, and unleash vehicular chaos on the streets.

  • Combat Intensity: Arm yourself to the teeth with an arsenal of weapons, ranging from pistols and shotguns to assault rifles and explosives. Engage in intense shootouts with rival gang members and law enforcement, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake.

  • Empire Building: Establish your criminal empire by seizing control of lucrative businesses, extorting protection money from local establishments, and recruiting a loyal crew of thugs to do your bidding. Expand your influence and dominate the underworld.

Choose Your Path:

  • Ruthless Gangster: Embrace your inner psychopath and unleash havoc on the city streets. Engage in indiscriminate violence, terrorize innocent civilians, and leave a trail of destruction in your wake. But beware, as your actions will attract the attention of law enforcement and rival gangs.

  • Mild Mischief Maker: Prefer a more subtle approach to crime? Engage in non-lethal activities such as pickpocketing, car theft, and minor vandalism. Fly under the radar while still enjoying the thrill of breaking the law.

In conclusion, the Vegas Crime Simulator offers players the ultimate playground for indulging their criminal fantasies in the vibrant setting of Las Vegas. Whether you choose to wreak havoc as a ruthless gangster or indulge in mild mischief as a petty criminal, the city is yours to explore and conquer. So, gear up, lock and load, and prepare to unleash chaos on the streets in this adrenaline-fueled crime spree!

How to play Vegas Crime Simulator

Use mouse

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