Wigglypaint brings the magic of Shake Art and KidPix into the modern era, offering a delightful and interactive drawing experience for artists of all ages...

About Wigglypaint

Welcome to the vibrant and whimsical world of Wigglypaint, a delightful drawing program crafted with Decker technology. If you have fond memories of creating digital masterpieces with Shake Art and KidPix, you're in for a treat! Wigglypaint takes the joy of doodling to a whole new level, offering a fun and playful experience for artists of all ages.

Wigglypaint is more than just a drawing program; it's a canvas of endless possibilities where your imagination can run wild. Built with the innovative Decker framework, this creative platform combines the best elements of Shake Art and KidPix, providing a seamless and user-friendly interface for both beginners and experienced artists.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Wigglypaint boasts an intuitive interface that makes it easy for anyone to jump in and start creating. With a wide array of tools and features, the program encourages experimentation and creativity.

  • Vibrant Tools and Brushes: Choose from an assortment of wiggly brushes, magical pens, and enchanting colors to bring your drawings to life. Whether you're sketching, painting, or experimenting with abstract shapes, Wigglypaint offers a diverse range of tools to suit every artistic style.

  • Interactive Backgrounds: Dive into a world of interactive backgrounds that react to your every stroke. Watch as your drawings come alive against dynamic landscapes, adding an extra layer of magic to your creations.

  • Animated Stickers and Characters: Spice up your artwork with a collection of animated stickers and characters. From playful animals to whimsical creatures, these additions add a touch of charm and personality to your drawings.

  • Multiplayer Mode: Connect with friends and family in real-time through the multiplayer mode. Collaborate on masterpieces, engage in friendly competitions, or simply enjoy each other's artistic expressions in this social and interactive feature.

Tips to Win the Game:

While Wigglypaint isn't a traditional game with a defined goal, mastering the art of doodling can be a rewarding experience. Here are some tips to enhance your creative journey:

  1. Experiment Freely: Don't be afraid to experiment with different tools and brushes. Wigglypaint encourages freedom of expression, so let your creativity flow without constraints.

  2. Explore Interactive Features: Take advantage of the interactive backgrounds and animated stickers. These elements add depth and dynamism to your drawings, making them stand out.

  3. Collaborate in Multiplayer Mode: Engage with others in multiplayer mode for a shared creative experience. Collaborate on artworks, exchange ideas, and learn from one another to enhance your skills.

  4. Share Your Creations: Don't keep your masterpieces to yourself! Share your creations with the Wigglypaint community and beyond. Celebrate the joy of art and inspire others with your unique perspective.

  5. Stay Playful: Wigglypaint is all about playfulness and fun. Embrace the joy of creating without worrying about perfection. The journey is just as important as the final artwork.

Wigglypaint brings the magic of Shake Art and KidPix into the modern era, offering a delightful and interactive drawing experience for artists of all ages. With its intuitive interface, vibrant tools, and collaborative features, Wigglypaint is not just a drawing program; it's a canvas for boundless creativity. So, pick a tool, doodle away, and let your imagination take flight in the whimsical world of Wigglypaint!

How to play Wigglypaint

Use mouse

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