Wounded Summer

Wounded Summer is a fictional video game concept that combines elements of survival, adventure, and narrative storytelling. In this game, players find...

About Wounded Summer

Wounded Summer is a fictional video game concept that combines elements of survival, adventure, and narrative storytelling. In this game, players find themselves stranded on a deserted island during the scorching heat of summer, facing various challenges as they strive to survive and uncover the mysteries of their surroundings. 


Wounded Summer follows the story of a group of survivors who become stranded on a remote island after a boating accident. With no means of communication or rescue in sight, players must work together to endure the harsh conditions of the summer heat while uncovering the island's secrets.


  1. Survival Mechanics: Players must scavenge for resources such as food, water, and shelter to survive. They must also manage their stamina and health in the sweltering heat.
  2. Exploration: Explore the island's diverse environments, including beaches, jungles, caves, and ruins, to uncover hidden treasures, clues, and dangers.
  3. Crafting: Utilize gathered resources to craft tools, weapons, and structures necessary for survival and exploration.
  4. Fishing and Hunting: Fish in the island's waters and hunt wildlife for sustenance, but beware of dangerous predators lurking in the wilderness.
  5. Story-driven Quests: Complete quests and objectives that reveal the island's history, secrets, and the fate of previous inhabitants.
  6. Character Development: As players progress, they can develop their survival skills, unlock new abilities, and forge bonds with other survivors.
  7. Weather Dynamics: Experience dynamic weather patterns, including intense heatwaves, tropical storms, and unpredictable natural phenomena that impact gameplay.
  8. Day-Night Cycle: Adapt to the challenges of day and night cycles, where visibility, temperature, and wildlife behavior change accordingly.


  1. Immersive Environment: Explore a visually stunning island paradise brought to life with lush vegetation, realistic weather effects, and dynamic lighting.
  2. Engaging Storyline: Unravel the mysteries of the island through a compelling narrative filled with twists, turns, and unexpected discoveries.
  3. Survival Challenges: Test your survival skills against the elements, wildlife, and environmental hazards in a true fight for survival.
  4. Character Interaction: Interact with diverse characters with their own personalities, motivations, and stories, shaping the outcome of the game.
  5. Dynamic Events: Encounter random events and encounters that add unpredictability and replay value to each playthrough.
  6. Exploration Rewards: Discover hidden secrets, landmarks, and points of interest that offer valuable rewards and insights into the island's history.
  7. Multiplayer Co-op: Team up with friends in cooperative multiplayer mode to overcome challenges and explore the island together, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.

Overall, Wounded Summer offers an immersive and challenging gaming experience that combines survival gameplay with rich storytelling and exploration, providing players with an unforgettable adventure in a sun-soaked paradise.

How to play Wounded Summer

Using mouse

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