WW1 Battle Simulator

WW1 Battle Simulator, success lies in your ability to make strategic decisions, maintain squad balance, and deploy units effectively. Steer your army...

About WW1 Battle Simulator

While the WW1 Battle Simulator is part of a growing number of games centered around World War I, it distinguishes itself by offering a strategic perspective on the conflict. In contrast to games that focus on individual soldiers, this 3D isometric strategy game puts you in command, emphasizing decision-making, balance, and coverage. With access to a variety of units, your goal is to construct a formidable squad capable of overcoming the challenges presented on the battlefield.

How to beat the game?

Navigate the strategic landscape using the mouse in this 3D isometric strategy game set in the latter part of World War I. The cursor is your tool for interacting with the game UI, enabling you to select options and deploy various units. Click on a unit's icon with the Left Mouse Button, position the cursor on an empty battlefield section, and click again to deploy. Victory hinges on defeating the enemy army with your deployed units, aiming for a quick triumph with minimal casualties to earn the most stars.

Your ability to deploy units is limited by your available resources. The bottom center of the screen displays your funds, and the cost of each unit is visible below its icon. Initially, you start with access to only one unit type, but success in battles unlocks more options. Winning battles not only unlocks new units but also increases your earnings. Once all units are deployed, hit the Play button to initiate the battle. Your units will automatically advance and engage the enemy when in range. If your units fall before the enemies, a retry of the battle is necessary.

Units possess different attack types and health based on their weaponry. Those with pistols and rifles boast longer ranges but lower health, potentially supplemented by grenades. Units armed with shotguns and launchers have shorter ranges but are sturdier and deal increased damage. A tank, if affordable, can be a game-changer, capable of mowing through enemy squads.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Balance Your Squad: Achieve a balanced composition within your squad. Position tougher units at the forefront while long-range attackers provide support. A mix of units contributes to a versatile and effective strategy.

  2. Strategic Use of Tanks: If finances allow, deploy multiple tanks to dominate battles. Tanks serve as formidable forces capable of overwhelming enemy squads and turning the tide in your favor.

In the WW1 Battle Simulator, success lies in your ability to make strategic decisions, maintain squad balance, and deploy units effectively. Steer your army through the challenges of World War I, earning victories and unlocking new units as you progress in this strategic 3D isometric game.

How to play WW1 Battle Simulator

Use mouse

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