Shapez, where creativity meets automation. This game is a masterclass in factory building, challenging players to automate the creation and processing...

About Shapez

Step into the captivating world of shapez, where creativity meets automation. This game is a masterclass in factory building, challenging players to automate the creation and processing of intricate shapes in a dynamically expanding environment. With an infinite canvas awaiting your ingenuity, shapez beckons both casual players and strategic thinkers to craft ever-more complex production systems.


  1. Creative Factory Design: shapez is a canvas for your creativity. Design factories that efficiently produce and process an array of shapes, starting from the simple to the increasingly complex. The game rewards inventive solutions and encourages players to think outside the box.

  2. Infinite Expansion: The game world in shapez is boundless, providing players with an expansive playground for their industrial ambitions. As you master the creation of shapes, the world continuously expands, offering new challenges and opportunities for limitless growth.

  3. Resource Management: Efficiently manage resources to optimize your factories. From raw materials to intricate shapes, every element must be carefully orchestrated to maintain a smooth production flow. Balancing supply and demand becomes a key aspect of achieving success.

  4. Automation Evolution: Watch your factories evolve into marvels of automation. Unleash the power of conveyor belts, robotic arms, and other automation tools to streamline your production processes. Witness your creations come to life as they efficiently churn out complex shapes.

  5. Challenging Puzzles: Each level in shapez presents a unique puzzle, pushing players to devise innovative solutions. Adaptability and strategic planning are essential as challenges become more intricate, requiring a combination of precision and efficiency.

Playing Tips:

  1. Start Simple: Begin your shapez journey with simple designs. Master the basics of shape creation and processing before delving into more complex challenges. A solid foundation will be the key to handling intricate production lines.

  2. Optimize and Iterate: Continuously optimize your factories. Refine your designs, streamline production flows, and iterate on your setups to improve efficiency. Constant improvement is the path to mastering the art of automation.

  3. Think Ahead: Anticipate the needs of your factories as you expand. Plan for scalability and design your production systems with future challenges in mind. Forward-thinking is the hallmark of a successful shapez player.

  4. Experiment with Layouts: Embrace experimentation in factory layouts. Try different arrangements of machines, conveyor belts, and processing units to discover the most efficient configurations for your specific challenges.

  5. Enjoy the Creative Process: While efficiency is crucial, don't forget to enjoy the creative aspect of shapez. Build factories that reflect your ingenuity, and revel in the satisfaction of seeing your automated systems in action.

Shapez isn't just a game about automation; it's a canvas for your industrial imagination. With its infinite expansion, resource management challenges, and creative factory design, shapez invites players to embark on a journey of innovation and efficiency. Explore the limitless possibilities of automation, shape by shape, in this mesmerizing and intellectually stimulating game.


How to play Shapez

Use mouse

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