Sort The Court!

Sort The Court! is this captivating game, you don the crown as the king or queen of a quaint medieval kingdom, entrusted with the noble task of ensuring the...

About Sort The Court!

Welcome, Your Majesty, to the enchanting realm of Sort The Court! In this captivating game, you don the crown as the king or queen of a quaint medieval kingdom, entrusted with the noble task of ensuring the prosperity and happiness of your subjects. But beware, for the path to greatness is fraught with challenges, and every decision you make will shape the destiny of your kingdom.

Embark on Your Reign

As the ruler of your kingdom, your objective is clear: to foster happiness among your citizens, increase your population, and manage your finances judiciously. Each day presents new opportunities and dilemmas as citizens, knights, and mythical creatures seek your guidance on matters both trivial and profound.

Balancing Act

In Sort The Court!, every decision you make has consequences that ripple throughout your kingdom. Whether it's granting a citizen's request for a new marketplace, welcoming a band of traveling minstrels, or confronting a menacing dragon, your choices will impact three crucial factors: the quantity of gold in your coffers, the happiness of your citizens, and the size of your population.

Strategic Decision-Making

To thrive as a ruler, you must master the delicate art of balancing competing interests. Will you prioritize the happiness of your citizens over financial stability, or vice versa? Will you welcome new inhabitants with open arms, even if it strains your resources? The key to success lies in making wise, thoughtful decisions that reflect the values of your kingdom.

Empathy and Firmness

In your role as monarch, you will face moments that call for both empathy and firmness. Sometimes, a compassionate ear and a helping hand are needed to lift the spirits of your people. Other times, a stern decree may be necessary to maintain order and safeguard the prosperity of your realm. Knowing when to extend mercy and when to enforce discipline is essential to preserving the delicate balance of your kingdom.

Growth and Greatness

As you navigate the challenges of rulership, your ultimate goal is to elevate your kingdom from humble beginnings to a thriving metropolis renowned throughout the land. With each decision you make, you shape the destiny of your realm, steering it toward prosperity, renown, and greatness.


In Sort The Court!, the fate of your kingdom rests in your hands. Will you rise to the occasion and lead your realm to glory, or will you falter in the face of adversity? The choice is yours, Your Majesty. Rule wisely, and may your kingdom flourish under your benevolent reign.

How to play Sort The Court!

Use mouse

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